Dental Braces Malaysia: Review and Cost



2017 / 2018

If you are looking for a layman’s guide on dental braces in Malaysia, we’ve got you covered.

It is clear from browsing around forums, dental related advertisements and popular dental marketing sites that there is still a lot of confusion and misinformation being spread.

If you think this is TLTR, you can send in a free enquiry on braces related questions.

One of the common causes of confusion is due to the various types of braces available. We have covered the 5 main types of braces below, including the pros and cons; and the cost of each type of braces:


– Nearly invisible, comfortable and removable.

– Effective at treating mild to moderate tooth crowding but does not treat as effectively as braces.

– Easier to maintain oral hygiene, no dietary restrictions.

– No metal to cause abrasions during orthodontic treatment.

– Less frequent dentist visits.

– Not everyone is a candidate.

– Expensive but cheaper options are available.

– Higher relapse rate than braces and removable aligner/retainer at night may be recommended.

– May temporarily affect speech (e.g., lisp) during treatment

– Big hassle and pricey if you lose aligners.

– Less ideal treatment for complex misaligned teeth.

– Treatment may take longer than with other types of braces.

Invisalign Malaysia cost: MYR 16,000 – MYR 20,000

There are many different types of clear aligner systems, however Invisalign is undoubtedly the most commonly known. Invisalign treatment consists of a set of transparent aligners. A usual course of Invisalign treatment requires 18 to 30 sets of aligners in total. Each Invisalign aligner is custom-made to move and gradually straighten your teeth over 2 weeks, before swapping over to a newer set (your dentist will give you a few sets at each visit).

Because these aligners are removable, you can take them out to eat, brush, and floss. Do note that you have to wear them at least 22 hours per day for best results.

However, not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign, which is most effectively used when you only need mild correction.

Lately, there are newer and more affordable clear aligner systems available. Do feel free to contact us for more information.


– Cheapest.

– Long track record.

– More suitable for complex cases.

– Uncomfortable, may result in abrasions and ulcers.

– Tends to trap food.

Metal braces Malaysia cost: MYR 5,000 to MYR 9,000

Metal braces consist of metal wires and brackets that you instantly think of when you hear the word “braces.” Your dentist tightens and adjusts the wires to move your teeth over a period of time.


– Looks better than metal braces.

– Fragile and uncomfortable.

– Can also cause abrasions and ulcers on lips/cheeks.

– Dietary restrictions means no staining foods, such as coffee.

Ceramic braces Malaysia cost: MYR 6,000 to MYR 11,000

Ceramic braces are the same shape as metal braces, but are less noticeable because they are tooth-coloured. You can also choose between clear elastic ties or white metal ties to hold the braces in place. Your dentist will replace the ties every time he adjusts your braces, which is usually every month.

Although the braces themselves won’t stain, the ties can easily discolour if you consume foods or drinks that stain teeth, e.g. coffee. Ceramic braces are also larger and more fragile than metal brackets, meaning they can easily chip or break. This necessitates more time caring for your teeth.

Lastly, they require more regular maintenance from your dentist than metal braces – this increases overall treatment time and cost.

It’s quite common for patients to request for ceramic braces on their upper front teeth (which is more visible), and metal braces on their lower teeth to save costs – as shown in the picture above.


– Invisible (braces are stuck behind your teeth).

– Most expensive type of braces, not effective for complex cases.

– Tricky to clean. Also tends to be more uncomfortable initially as compared to other braces, may result in abrasions and ulcerations, especially to the tongue. Longer length of treatment than traditional braces.

Lingual braces Malaysia cost: MYR 16,000 – MYR 18,000

Lingual braces are customised to stick behind your teeth and remain out of sight. They cost more than metal or ceramic braces because installation and subsequent adjustments are much more complicated. Lingual braces generally don’t work well on small teeth, and get in the way of your tongue. With newer types of braces available, lingual braces are getting less popular nowadays.


– Virtually Invisible

– Everyone is a Candidate

– Quality of Results: Excellent.

– Effective at treating mild to severe crowding while delivering arch development and aligned teeth, bite and smile arc.

– No speech difficulty.

– More comfortable than traditional braces, according to clinical studies.

– More expensive than traditional braces

– Not removable, this means that Damon Clear is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to move teeth quickly.

– Removable but must be worn a minimum of 20-22 hours a day to be most effective.

Damon braces Malaysia cost: MYR 7,000 – MYR 12,000

Damon braces are self-ligating appliances that are fitted in the same way as traditional metal braces. But instead of having brackets that tighten and adjust the braces regularly, Damon braces use a slide mechanism that attaches wires to brackets to move naturally with the teeth as they realign. This makes them more comfortable, better looking and able to provide strong results in a shorter time. They come in (at least) two types: metal (silver) and ceramic (white). The ceramic one is more expensive, by at least a few thousand.


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